Making a handmade artist book

It was great to receive my copy of Ryo Kusumoto’s artist book “連師子/Renjishi”.

In many ways similar to Kurt Tong’s book (it comes from the same workshop), with a strong narrative thread (but focusing on a public figure, rather than being deeply personal). For insight into how these books are constructed, Kensaku Seki’s video is useful.

The process is similar to that used by Longly and Law. All the techniques were covered in the workshops I did at the London Centre for Book Arts, and I have all the equipment needed. For slightly bigger scale production, I’d like to explore risograph printing.


Making of ‘Of hope and fear‘ by Kensaku Seki.

Tammy Law’s artist photobook “Permission To Belong

Katherine Longly’s artist book “To tell my real intentions, I want to eat only haze like a hermit

Ryo Kusumoto’s artist book “連師子/Renjishi