My involvement with photography began in front of the camera as a child model at the age of four. I learnt to process and print at ten, and have been making images in a disorganized and casual way ever since. I have used photography in my professional work, as a teacher (for instance, using cameras with primary school children and running photography workshops for trainee teachers) and as a sociologist (for instance, in the use of photography in data collection and the analysis of images in understanding social relations, practices and communities). In 2017 I started to take my own image making more seriously. Following on from completion of the OU/RPS Certificate in Digital Photography in 2017, I successfully submitted a panel for the Licenciate of the Royal Photographic Society award in 2018 and completed the MA in Photography at Falmouth University (awarded with distinction) in 2020. I was selected for the 2020 London Creative Network Artist Development Programme at SPACE. I am now working on a number of personal projects and studying for a Doctorate in Fine Art (DFA) at the University of East London. This journal documents the development of my photographic and artistic work and thinking in my journey through the MA and DFA programmes. Everything on this site is for the purpose of education and in the interests of ‘learning in plain view’.

Andrew Brown