Week 7: Innovative Distribution

To mark my shift from sociologist to photographer (or maybe sociologist/photographer to photographer/sociologist) I have repurposed some of my academic business cards by printing images on the ‘back’. Maybe not particularly innovative, but it has worked for me. My three outings in my photographer identity in the past week have been really productive:

  • A successful workshop with urban development planning students on Friday – half the group have just said that they are using photographic image making as their primary research tool in their forthcoming project;
  • Fieldwork on Wednesday with ‘Rooms of our Own’ at the Feminist Library (which I found has some of my own teaching materials and course readers) leading to a follow-up session to make images of the library before it moves to its new premises;
  • Leading a discussion on Thursday with community groups on Heritage and Well-being in East London at the Creating Connections session in Stratford, which has given enough photographic project opportunities to last a lifetime.
A simple way of signifying a change in direction/identity.