Week 5: Reflection

The ‘meet someone new’ activity was useful. I think I’ll develop something from this – a more structured way of exploring the relationship between an individual or community with place. Might be fruitful (for the development of my project) to make the dimensions of ‘prosperity’ explicit and work on how to make images to explore these with people. I need to seek some feedback on the final product, maybe at the meetup in Bristol this weekend.

From the networking activity (which I related specifically to my project) I gained an appreciation of the benefit of seeking synergies between networks associated with different activities (in my case, my academic networks and my emerging work as a photographer).

Over the coming week I have to work on the workshop for the Development Planning Unit. I’ll relate this to my coursework presentation (as it relates to my project and will explore similar issues and draw on common material). I am way behind in writing up my contextual research (including reflection on the exhibitions I have been to over the past few months). The real urgency, though, is to work on my portfolio. Having to build up contacts and make relationships has diverted me from image making. I need to get to work on this.