Week 4: Reflection

The Max Burnett interview was very insightful for me, coming from completely outside ‘the industry’. Particularly the importance of a print portfolio (which I want to build, but have neglected since my RPS submission). Need to think about strongest work and how images sit together, and the need for a different edit from website. Consider more than on image per page – think about the relationship between images. Think about audience. Consider different formats for presenting work – books, postcards etc.

The ‘Begin at the Beginning’ activity provided wonderful insight into the development of other people’s practice as photographers, and I was grateful for the interest paid to my own story and work (not a conventional passage into photography) by others. The ‘Marketing Plan’ activity was also beneficial in forcing me to think more clearly about the development of my work and how I will engage others. At some point I need to think clearly about how to market my own work, in the sense that I do want an audience, and whilst this is not a business, thinking about the funding of my photographic work is important.

A lot of exhibitions visited this week (in New York, London and Moscow), which I’ll write up in the Contextual Research section. The Turner Prize shortlist exhibition at Tate Britain has been particularly influential (for the use of film and the sociological and political focus of the work), and the Yugoslavian architecture (Towards a Concrete Utopia) exhibition at MoMA in New York (with tremendous photographs of brutalist architecture by Valentin Jeck).

Valentin Jeck, Marko Mušič’s Memorial and Cultural Center and Town Hall in Montenegro, 1969-75