Constructions (Week 3 Reflection)

In my posts over past three weeks, I have analysed a number of constructed images. These include Karen Knorr’s incongruous insertion of artifacts and animals into formally rendered interiors (for instance, the Academies series), Tom Hunter’s Vermeer influenced interiors in Persons Unknown, Jeff Wall’s Mimic and Danny Treacey’s Those and Clearings Series (see earlier posts here and here for images discussed). I also considered construction in my preliminary discussion of work by Sugimoto (the Diorama and Waxworks series, for instance). The work with objects in museums and collections also has a constructed dimension, for instance in the presentation of material for pedagogic purposes, which takes objects out of the context of their use and places them in a (constructed) public space (as in the displays below made from microscope slides).

Microscope slide display, UCL Grant Museum of Zoology, 2019

Whilst I have considered how this work relates to my own practice, I have not produced any constructed images myself. So I am going to use the reflection at the end of Week 3 to think through how I might develop the use of constructed images in the development of my work, and specifically current and planned projects. Rather than create a mega-post here, I am going to create a succession of more focused posts in the Contextual Research and Project Development sections, and then link them back to a statement here later.