Final Surfaces and Strategies WIP Portfolio

Here is the final version of the portfolio. Following discussion with Cemre and fellow course participants, I have decided to submit in pdf form. The alternatives would have been to submit as a website (I decided against this as I have reworked other material for presentation on the web as part of Landings 2019) or as a book (see Issuu version of the portfolio – I decided against this as I don’t feel that there is a sufficiently strong narrative thread for the collection to work well in linear book form). That left me with a decision to make about the positioning of the ‘codes’ (in book form, each code was on the facing page to its respective image). Placing the code alongside the image seemed distracting and following each image with its code set up too regular a rhythm, and gave excessive emphasis to the code. My decision was to put two codes on a page (see below), with the upper code referring to the previous image and the lower code referring to the following image.

Surfaces and Strategies WIP Portfolio, p.3

This produces a more balanced document, and the images can be viewed vertically or horizontally. The codes connote a form of QR code, from which meaning is not immediately easy to discern visually, and this works well in this format. I have produced a print version (on 310 gsm smooth pearl finish paper) for presentation at the portfolio review in Bristol. This produces an interestingly layered and textured image, but there is still work to be done on how best to present the work in print form.