CRJ strategy for FMP

Moving from the taught modules, with their structured schedule of readings, presentations and activities, to the more open Final Major Project phase, with its principal focus on the timely completion of a defined project with public outcomes, requires a rethinking of the form and function of the CRJ. With the exo-skeleton of module structure removed, an alternative device has to be put in place to give shape and direction to the journal. Posts need to be more tightly focused on my own project, and the pace of development has to be maintained, so I think that means shorter and more speculative items, with occasional longer posts to take stock and pull things together. There is a complex range of topics to cover, including: technical development, artistic development and contextualisation, theory, production, presentation, dissemination, background research, galleries of images, progress updates, milestones … To make this work will require careful tagging – something to develop over the next few weeks.