Artists’ websites for DPU workshop (and FMP development)

 Accessed 02.11.18

Bill Stephenson, 1988, Streets in the Sky, Park Hill and Hyde Park Flats, Sheffield.

Roger Mayne, Urban Landscape.

Dana Lixenberg, 1993-2015, Imperial Courts.

Nicola Muirhead, In Brutal Presence.

Richard Ansett, 2017, Children of Grenfell.

Endia Beal, 2016, Am I What You Are Looking For?!/upcoming-projects

Charlie Clift, 2018, Portrait of Brixton.

Wendy Ewald, 2003-6, Towards a Promised Land, Margate.

Toward a Concrete Utopia, 2018, MOMA, New York.

Valentin Jeck.

Graham Smith.

Kaylynn Deveney, 2007, The Day-to-Day Life of Albert Hastings.

Julian Germain.

Edmund Clark, 2015-17, In Place of Hate.